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double-book / дважды книга
reserve (something, especially a seat or a hotel room) for two different customers or parties at the same time.
the hotel was double-booked
The program's intuitive interface and dual calendaring system make it impossible to double-book rooms.
Until, that is, someone called to say their rooms had been inadvertently double-booked .
Most were there to celebrate Co-operative Day, a festival organised by workers' credit unions, but the park seemed to have been double-booked by the Make Poverty History campaign, who are handing out makeshift white wristbands.
The second time, they'd double-booked me with a private party, and on the third occasion, it was another private party.
Those idiots have double-booked a press conference and a meeting and it's utter pandemonium.
If you're double-booked , you'll see it right away.
Worries about money, the car and possibly no shows in Brighton in the summer before London as the chorus dancers have been double-booked into Seville.
I was informed on arrival that my host and her boyfriend in a fine bit of mutual consultation had double-booked the single bed in the spare room (which had belonged to my host as a child).
I was grinning from ear to ear after booking a night at swish Blanch House for Special Friend's birthday, but despite managing to take a deposit from me, we got there to find we'd been double-booked .
Kate said: ‘It is incredible we should have been double-booked as we arranged the holiday last November and paid for it and received confirmation.’