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double-barrelled / двуствольный, двусмысленный, преследующий две цели
имя прилагательное
double-barrelled, double-barreled
ambiguous, equivocal, backhanded, double, forked, double-barrelled
преследующий две цели
double-barrelled, double-barreled
имя прилагательное
(of a gun) having two barrels.
Officers found an antique, double-barrelled Derringer hidden in a walnut grandfather clock in his bedroom.
He said: ‘When I looked out of the office I saw this double-barrelled gun which was being pointed quite dramatically at me.’
An Italian Derrenger double-barrelled pistol was found at his gas distribution firm, CSG, in Chesterfield.
One double-barrelled shotgun, which was found near the Sports Complex in Sligo before Christmas, is believed to have been used in a robbery in Ennis.
Victorian opener Elliott launched a double-barrelled attack on Queensland's bowlers and the record books as the Bushrangers took an iron-grip on the Pura Cup trophy at the Melbourne Cricket Ground today.
This double-barrelled gig kicks off around 8:30 pm and costs only $3.
By the time she was fifteen she was living on her own, managing a roughneck joint with a double-barrelled shotgun by her side.
He admitted firing a single cartridge from a double-barrelled shotgun pistol in the attack on July 4 last year, but he denied attempted murder.
The stable girl said in a statement that he had suffered ‘a double-barrelled kick - both the horse's feet came off the ground’.
All of the questions posed are double-barrelled .