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doting / любящий до безумия, слепо преданный, сильно любящий
имя прилагательное
любящий до безумия
слепо преданный
сильно любящий
имя прилагательное
extremely and uncritically fond of someone; adoring.
she was spoiled outrageously by her doting father
be extremely and uncritically fond of.
she doted on her two young children
be silly or feebleminded, especially as a result of old age.
the parson is now old and dotes
You are sure to lap up the special doting treatment emanating from your mate.
Fourteen years later, she's a fixture at the school, a doting first-grade teacher.
He frequently complimented her, playing the part of the doting husband to the hilt.
Gary, meanwhile, says he'd like nothing better than to be the doting grandparent of Greg's sons.
At first glance, Brian seems like a normal doting father.
He tended to its every complaint with the attention of a doting mother to a sick child.
Bruno is a dissolute character who lives with his doting mother.
No doubt they broadly wished to please her, which would incidentally have disposed the doting King in their favour.
He spent about four hours casting from various angles, without a hook, watching the trout with the eyes of a doting daddy.
In at the birth of the peace process, Hayden remained a doting parent throughout the nineties.