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dote / любить до безумия, выживать из ума
любить до безумия
выживать из ума
be extremely and uncritically fond of.
she doted on her two young children
be silly or feebleminded, especially as a result of old age.
the parson is now old and dotes
Catherine smiled dotingly on the little girl she had raised since that day eight years ago.
Most people dote on their grandchildren, spoiling them in the process.
Seventy years ago an Eton schoolmaster dotingly built his soprano wife a bijou opera-house beside the country pile he inherited on the Sussex Downs at Glyndebourne.
To be spoiled and doted on , to take over the bed and the floor and the path.
Matt is already an accomplished quarter-midget driver, and his father dotes on him.
He appeared to be a father who doted on his children, especially his little girl.
He was a wonderful father, doting on everything, anything, his sons did.
He was a strong, loving father who doted on his daughter maybe a little more than he should have.
‘They cannot possibly compare to you,’ I said dotingly into her ear.
I knew from my Aunt Maria that my father had doted upon the beautiful Senorita shamelessly.