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dotage / старческое слабоумие, слабоумие, обожание
имя существительное
старческое слабоумие
dotage, anility
dementia, imbecility, feeble-mindedness, amentia, dotage, fatuity
adoration, idolatry, dotage, worshipping
имя существительное
the period of life in which a person is old and weak.
you could live here and look after me in my dotage
My generation and those before it are counting on there being an unbreakable covenant from the future wealth producers to keep us at a certain standard in our dotage .
you could live here and look after me in my dotage
Coarse and mischievous - but never too much - his is the good-natured rebellion we all aspire to in our dotage .
In their dotage they meet in the General's isolated castle in the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains.
Reid is 32, and not exactly in his dotage , though he does laugh when describing Boroughmuir as ‘a young - well, fairly-young - side.’
The problem with that, unfortunately, is that in my dotage I have rapidly fading memories, and rapidly fading images in my brain of who I did, and how what and when I did what I did, never mind why.
For a great number of those who have followed Celtic for the past four decades believe that the goalkeeping position has not been satisfactorily filled since Simpson, in his dotage , was acquired as a stop-gap in the late 1960s.
Self-interest is the key here - will there be enough people working to sustain me in my dotage ?
you could live here and look after me in my dotage
Makes you wonder whether, in their dotage , a lot of locals regret departing their motherland long ago for this place.