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dot / точка, пятнышко, приданое
имя существительное
dot, point, period, full stop, full point, whet
speck, spot, dot, mote, speckle, mottle
dowry, trousseau, dower, portion, dot, trousseaux
ставить точки
отмечать пунктиром
dot, pepper, strew, intersperse, pave, stud
имя существительное
a small round mark or spot.
a symbol depicted in colored dots
a dowry, particularly one from which only the interest or annual income was available to the husband.
mark with a small spot or spots.
wet spots of rain began to dot his shirt
Department of Transportation.
What options face the smaller churches that dot the landscape of North America?
Ashill, the picturesque east Devon village where Stone lives, is easy to overlook: a tiny dot on the map, west of the M5.
A dotted half note has a dot behind it to make it three beats not two beats.
Evidence of campfires dot the area, obviously the ‘bushers’ like to be comfortable while indulging themselves.
As the sun sinks lower into the abyss, the sea and sky soften to a dark wine, stars begin to dot the heavens, and black waves crash onto the shore, the scent of salt and evening flowers heavy in the air.
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She had seen it from afar, a mere dot upon the horizon, but now she was at the foot of it and it was taller than anything imaginable.
A dot after a note ordinarily meant that it was half as long again as its normal value, but otherwise it simply signified that the notes on either side were irregular in some way. 5.
The brightest planet in the sky will appear as a black dot moving across the surface of the sun.
By six the predicted rain began to dot the windows.