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dossier / досье, дело
имя существительное
dossier, file
case, business, matter, point, deal, dossier
имя существительное
a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.
we have a dossier on him
we have a dossier on him
we have a dossier on him
At one point, a dossier of evidence against him and his management style was handed to council officials.
He was eventually exposed and arrested but not before compiling a dossier of evidence using hidden cameras.
a dossier of complaints
Now a dossier of evidence is being presented to insurance companies and a police investigation could follow.
They will be transferred to the Department of Transport with a dossier of evidence about our campaign.
If any of them cares to contact me, I will happily reveal my dossier on this sad affair.
Detectives needed to build up a dossier of evidence which would show the courts just how prolific they were.
a dossier of complaints