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doss / кровать, кровать в ночлежном доме, койка
имя существительное
bed, bedstead, doss, kip
кровать в ночлежном доме
bunk, berth, kip, pallet, sack, doss
spend the night, sleep, stay overnight, doss
sleep, bed, rest, be asleep, slumber, doss
sleep (in rough or inexpensive accommodations).
he dossed down on a friend's floor
имя существительное
an instance of sleeping in rough accommodations.
Tents were a luxury that most couldn't afford in those pre-wars days, preferring a doss in a cave or on the floor of a roadman's hut.
After much consternation and consultation, it was arranged that the Queen would doss down with a wealthy family.
And here is the couch where ya can doss for a few nights.
they thought being a student was a great doss
Of course, not having any income or a regular job meant that I was always broke and after a while it got embarrassing to doss down at friends' pads.
He made a doss for me on the veranda where I could lie during the day and stare into the still garden.
all I've seen her do so far is doss around
It was then privately-owned and I suppose letting him doss there saved them paying for a separate night watchman.
He heads for a dirty hut in the country where he can doss down and eke out a living.
I had returned to London on the Tuesday before the big match, with fifty quid in my pocket and the promise of a couch to doss on in some old friend's dingy Zone 4 dive.
It is home to up to ten visitors each night who doss down in comfortable knowledge that they'll be waking to a mountain-sized breakfast!