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dosimeter / дозиметр
имя существительное
dosimeter, monitor
имя существительное
a device used to measure an absorbed dose of ionizing radiation.
It begins with a variety of hardware - acoustic measurement devices, noise dosimeters , heat sensors and heat strain monitors.
Doctors also require a portable dosimeter that enables precise measurement of the daily UV doses in XP patients in order to collect data necessary for the care and treatment of the disease.
The individual dosimeter is a small instrument - something like a silver fountain pen - and is used by a person for registering the total amount of radioactivity he or she has absorbed after an atomic explosion.
The cause for this discrepancy may reside either in the photometers or the spore dosimeter , or both.
The electronic dosimeter is capable of measuring at a minimum of a 1 second interval and stores the readings until they are downloaded onto a computer.
The changes in the environment conditions can be gauged by a dosimeter .
In this study we investigated the use of a DNA dosimeter to accurately measure changes in ultraviolet B radiation under Antarctic ozone hole conditions.
A falsely high reading on a radiation dosimeter may have very different implications during a bioterrorist incident than during a rat lab experiment.
We found the electronic dosimeter to be an effective method for evaluating UV radiation exposure.
The use of extensive numbers of thin films and dyed-plastic dosimeters has shifted to the less-frequent use of more-accurate reference alanine dosimeters in production irradiation runs.
Technical components include having in place predictive codes for dosimetry , decontamination technologies, triage, and population management experts.