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dosage / дозировка, доза
имя существительное
dosage, measuring
dose, dosage, serving, shot, potion
имя существительное
the size or frequency of a dose of a medicine or drug.
a dosage of 450 milligrams a day
Gamma and X-Rays above a particular dosage are downright harmful to unprotected organic tissue.
The recommended starting dosage is 10 mg once daily.
The dosage compensation complex cannot accumulate on the male X chromosome in the mutants.
The suppository dosage form is too strong for small children.
As with street drugs, the dosage and purity of herbal medicines are unknown.
They also serve as guides for determining the proper dosage of certain drugs.
The radiation dosage to the general public from released gases was less than the amount of exposure from drinking a cup of coffee.
The recommended adult dosage is 1 mg taken orally twice daily with or without food.
Physicians should expect to increase the insulin dosage as the pregnancy progresses and insulin resistance increases.
Figure 3 shows that the improved control during insulin pump therapy was achieved at a reduced total daily insulin dosage .