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dory / солнечник, рыбачья плоскодонная лодка
имя существительное
рыбачья плоскодонная лодка
имя существительное
a narrow deep-bodied fish with a mouth that can be opened very wide.
The price for top grade fish like monk and dory is down considerably.
a small flat-bottomed rowboat with a high bow and stern, of a kind originally used for fishing in New England.
Training is done in a fleet of five dories with outboard motors, with a similar number awaiting work to bring them back into service.
This is a wildly successful business where the staff dispense dory and deep and meaningful advice in equal quantities.
Whether you navigate it in a rubber raft or a dory , the 225 miles of river can be alternately easy and terrifying.
One large boat tried to run over the small dory I was in.
All that day and all the day following, Port Haven was scoured from top to bottom, from the smallest closet to the tiniest dockside dory .
Why, you'd have an easier time piloting your dory around the reflecting pool at the Legislature.
In truth, Newport Beach has always drawn a diverse population of sailing enthusiasts and dory fishermen, Gatsby wannabes and dedicated surfers, limo owners and beach-cruiser pedalers.
He gets in two good strokes, lining up the dory .
The baitfish tightened into a ball as the kingfish attacked, while several snapper and dory moved in hoping to share the spoils.
For mains, I had chosen the pan-fried stuffed chicken breast, while Madame went for the poached dory fillet on ratatouille Nicoise.
They'll kayak the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and, as a tribute to the host province, paddle a traditional wooden dory row boat.