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dorsal / спинной, дорсальный, тыльный
имя прилагательное
dorsal, spinal, tergal
rear, back, rearmost, dorsal
имя существительное
спинной плавник
заалтарная завеса
dorsal, dossal
имя прилагательное
of, on, or relating to the upper side or back of an animal, plant, or organ.
a dorsal view of the body
Just outside each vertebra, the dorsal and ventral roots unite to form a spinal nerve on each side.
At approximately the seventh week of gestation, the ventral and dorsal buds fuse.
If either of these proteins is absent, then the motor axons select dorsal and ventral pathways randomly.
Such a wasp held the fly with the middle and hind legs head forward and ventral or dorsal side up.
The waves continue coupled to a series of dorsal and ventral flexions of the whole body.
During the surgery, care must be taken to protect the branches of the superficial and radial nerves that dorsally overlie the first dorsal compartment.
Adult plumage is blue-black or gray dorsally and white ventrally, sometimes with distinctive coloring or plumes on the head.
The dorsal ligament groove is overlain dorsally and flanked laterally by the nacreous middle shell layer.
This animal swims to escape predators by repeatedly flexing its body dorsally and ventrally.
In insects, as in all arthropods, the main nerve cord lies ventrally, rather than dorsally as in vertebrates.