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dorp / южная деревня
имя существительное
южная деревня
имя существительное
a small rural town or village.
dreary little dorps
So, into the sleepy dorp we journeyed, a long line of disparate vehicles including cars, 4x4s, vehicles towing caravans, and trucks.
East London is generally seen as a backyard dorp with little or no talent, but it's competitions like these that give you a good indication of what a nurturing ground we are.
I found a ‘Dorp’ aesthetic which in most ways was relevant to South Africa dorps , but had some commonality with other places outside SA.
They were drawn from regions such as Soweto, Pretoria, and Johannesburg and more obscure dorps like Winterveldt.
The Hopes concept has been exported from South America to South Africa and is now being used in varying forms in dorps as far afield as Oranje and Grahamstown.