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dormant / бездействующий, спящий, дремлющий
имя прилагательное
inactive, dormant, idle
sleeping, dormant, asleep, sleeper
dormant, dozing, somnolent, drowsy, dozy
имя существительное
слуховое окно
dormer, gable window, dormant
имя прилагательное
(of an animal) having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as if in a deep sleep.
dormant butterflies
The plant sets fruit between July and September and it becomes dormant in early October.
"Renal disease tends to lie dormant and often symptoms don't become apparent until it's too late, " he warned.
Following dispersal from the parent plant, seeds are dormant .
Diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure and cirrhosis of the liver seem to predispose the activation to disease of the otherwise dormant latent infection.
Anthrax spores have been known to persist dormant in the soil for up to 80 years.
Species tulips are dormant in the summer and prefer dry soil then.
Seeds of winter annuals are often dormant at maturity.
The case had been long dormant for years.
This happens because the virus lies dormant in local nerves until reactivated by factors such as stress or menstruation.
One could liken it to a dormant volcano, asleep for now but all the while bubbling with life beneath the surface; ready to erupt at any time.