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dork / придурок
имя существительное
a dull, slow-witted, or socially inept person.
They were a group made up mostly of men who were all nerds and geeks and dorks in high school who went on to become brilliant and funny and irresistible in college.
I know I am such a dork or geek or whatever, but I got it done.
I knew I looked like a complete dork , but no one was there, so I didn't care.
Why should I be nice to someone who calls me an idiot and a dork ?
Secondly, there is a big difference between a nerd and a dork .
I don't think you come across as a dork in e-mail at all, although you sure do send a lot of it!
Conferences are great for dorky jokes that no one should ever utter and under no circumstances should post to their weblog.
Most of the editors will readily admit to being any of the following: dorks , nerds, or geeks.
Unfortunately for him it is not entirely populated by dorks , and the same people that can succeed in sport can also have sharp intellect.
I know it's kind of dorky , but I found a site that does the same thing.
From dorks to geeks, and everything between, beer has something for everyone.