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dopey / вялый, полусонный, одурманенный
имя прилагательное
sluggish, slack, flaccid, languid, listless, dopey
dopey, dopy
besotted, intoxicated, dopey, blotto, dopy, zonked
dopey, dopy
narcotic, drug, opiate, soporific, dopey, dopy
имя прилагательное
stupefied by sleep or a drug.
she was under sedation and a bit dopey
All I had to do now was sleep for a while… and get rid of this dopey , woozy feeling so I could run.
‘I've had it with these dopey little countries,’ he writes.
A regime of painkilling drugs was prescribed to make her as comfortable as possible, and my only concern with this was that it made her very dopey , and not her usual bright and alert self.
He's just going to give up the anchor duties after this next election, and then he's going to hang around and do dopey specials, so he is not going to go anywhere.
It's a dopey collector who doesn't get them already.
The dopey scene, in which her lady-in-waiting, Alice, teaches her English, has been powerfully reinterpreted, with Katherine using her newly acquired vocabulary to taunt her guards.
Still, I couldn't help but feel that I sounded dopey .
Everybody has a couple of dopey musicals that they are happy to watch over and over while their friends wrinkle their noses and say, ‘You actually like this?’
It's such a fiercely unique movie, uncompromising in its visual excitement, that we're inclined to overlook the slightly dopey plot and shaky acting.
He almost becomes one of the family, cheerfully going out gambling with her dopey , reprobate nephew.