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dope / допинг, наркотик, дурман
имя существительное
drug, narcotic, dope, stuff, opiate, junk
dope, datura, stramonium, thorn-apple, jimsonweed
заливать горючее
befuddle, dope, besot, fuddle, hocus, turn on
наносить пасту или лак
имя существительное
a drug taken illegally for recreational purposes, especially marijuana or heroin.
That doesn't make cannabis a gateway - that people who might use heroin start with dope is not the same as saying that people who use dope might use heroin.
a stupid person.
though he wasn't an intellectual giant, he was no dope, either
information about a subject, especially if not generally known.
our reviewer will give you the dope on hot spots around the town
a varnish applied to the fabric surface of model aircraft to strengthen them and keep them airtight.
Airplanes were made of dope , fabric, and wood - all highly flammable.
administer drugs to (a racehorse, greyhound, or athlete) in order to inhibit or enhance sporting performance.
the horse was doped before the race
smear or cover with varnish or other thick liquid.
she doped the surface with photographic emulsion
add an impurity to (a semiconductor) to produce a desired electrical characteristic.
The flash memory device includes a semiconductor substrate and heavily doped impurity regions formed spaced apart from one another by a predetermined distance in the semiconductor substrate in a first direction.
имя прилагательное
very good.
that suit is dope!
The fuselage dope and paint is all cracked and weathered making the craft look very authentic.
If you were using would you sit there with dope in your pocket?
All their inside street dope comes from a flamboyant restaurateur.
You've taken skating to the limit it seems and have some dope skills.
He is said to have helped dope horses and fix races and had a number of jockeys on his pay roll.
If you really want the straight dope , read these court papers filed by his vice president.
He had done a lot of wood repair in the aileron and flap bays so there were patches of silver dope on the fabric and it was not really looking so good.
Lumping everything from dope to heroin under the category ‘drugs’, and equating drug-taking with potential violence, is an obvious recipe for a media panic.
His previous positive dope tests see him banned from Beijing.
He found out what some of the other cabinet ministers were up to and started collecting the dope on them.