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doorway / дверной проем, портал, путь
имя существительное
дверной проем
doorway, door, aperture of a door
portal, gantry, doorway, gauntry
way, path, road, route, pathway, doorway
имя существительное
an entrance to a room or building through a door.
Beth stood there in the doorway
The old lady pointed out of the shop doorway and out onto the street.
Bags were piled up in the doorway to the building, which is the entrance to six flats.
There was some minor construction that blocked the doorway leading directly to the locker room.
he was standing in the doorway
the doorway to success
I stood in the kitchen doorway staring at her.
They came to a stop at a big glass doorway at the end of the hall.
She entered the living room doorway to find her mother sitting on the couch, head in hands.
A curtained doorway separated it from the office.
Beth stood there in the doorway