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doorstop / дверная пружина
имя существительное
дверная пружина
имя существительное
a fixed or heavy object that keeps a door open or stops it from banging against a wall.
The space was breathtaking, but the echo of the door slamming into the doorstop was deafening in the silence.
I'm tired of using a doorstop to keep it propped open.
I have no reason to believe that's not still the case - and it's too lightweight to make even a good doorstop .
his sixth novel is a thumping 400-page doorstop
Today, the very idea that you might use the timetable for anything other than as a doorstop is risible.
I don't want to write a doorstop book, but I would like it to have a little substance.
Originally dull gray and about as shapely as a doorstop , phones became sleeker and slicker - black, aluminum, clamshell, and pastel.
Without a connection to other machines, a computer is nothing but a thousand-dollar doorstop .
If she's not interested before you give her a huge tome like that she'll take one look at it and use it for a doorstop .
Use bowling pins to construct a fence, a doorstop , a lamp, or any number of things in a long list of unique hand-made gifts as far-reaching as your imagination.
Worthless as a contribution to the historical debate, the reader may find it to have some utility as a doorstop .