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doorstep / порог, ступенька крыльца
имя существительное
threshold, doorstep, sill, step, riffle, lip
ступенька крыльца
имя существительное
a step leading up to the outer door of a house.
I smiled hesitantly at her and she grinned back as she stepped over the doorstep and into our house.
He reached the farm, and found a path of dirt that led him to the doorstep of the main house.
I skipped up my doorstep and threw the door open.
Ideally there should be easy access between the kitchen and the doorstep or main entrance of the house.
If you don't lay that at the doorstep of the White House, I don't know where you lay it.
When I take my first step off of the doorstep , I hear the door behind me open and I can feel his eyes on my back.
I could see them from the doorstep of the house where I grew up.
She stepped up to the doorstep and rang the bell.
he put his foot on the doorstep of the cottage
He walked up to the doorstep of the small house.
As he was recognized the following morning at the doorstep of his house, the family's horror turned into jubilation.