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doorpost / дверной косяк
имя существительное
дверной косяк
doorjamb, doorpost
But I'd always look away from the sparkling party and see a thin girl leaning on the doorpost , her eyes hidden under shadows and watching me with a longing gaze.
Perhaps, as I like to imagine, it's still there on the doorpost , listening to the prayers of the next person who moved into Room 303.
He shrugs, leaning his tall figure against the doorpost .
The owner of the small candle shop next to the mayor's office across the street was not there so Sir John nailed the tax notice to the doorpost on the front of the small building.
He leaned against the doorpost watching her.
I leaned against a doorpost and shook with laughter, drawing alarmed looks from the other guests.
He leaned against the doorpost , and looked at me sadly.
It was later alleged that her thumbprint was found on a doorpost at the murder scene.
And when I looked back he was leaning against his doorpost , his head in his hands, as if he'd just lost his nearest and dearest.
With her silent calm, his sister-in-law sighed, leaning against the doorpost .