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doormat / половик, тряпка, бесхарактерный человек
имя существительное
doormat, mat, matting
rag, doormat, milksop, softie, clout, tatter
бесхарактерный человек
man of no character, doormat, jellyfish, milksop, nincom, nincompoop
половик для вытирания ног
тряпка для вытирания ног
имя существительное
a mat placed in a doorway, on which people can wipe their shoes on entering a building.
The group is looking at manufacturing doormats and shoe soles out of recycled footwear.
to put up with such treatment you must be either a saint or a doormat
‘Thanks,’ I smile up at Grace and walk into the room, remembering to politely wipe my feet on a doormat .
At the threshold, the boys carefully wipe their feet, not just on the outside doormat , but on the inside one, too.
The doorway next to hers has a green doormat and a pink tricycle propped beside it.
Wiping your feet on a good doormat reduces the amount of lead in a typical carpet by a factor of six, according to the researchers.
And we must not, under any circumstance, allow ourselves to become a doormat for the other person.
I had to brush myself down and stomp my feet on the doormat .
A helicopter landing pad covered the roof, an underground port held space for watercraft, and a vacuuming doormat whisked dirt from visitors' shoes.
to put up with such treatment you must be either a saint or a doormat
Finally, you'll need a small rag or doormat to clean your shoes if you're bouldering outdoors.