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doorman / швейцар, портье, привратник
имя существительное
doorman, porter, janitor, usher, doorkeeper, commissionaire
porter, receptionist, doorman
gatekeeper, porter, doorkeeper, doorman, janitor, gateman
имя существительное
a man such as a porter, bouncer, or janitor who is on duty at the entrance to a large building.
Local authorities currently vet their own doormen , meaning bouncers have different licences depending on where they work in the country.
On leaving the priesthood, he worked in a number of jobs including a doorman , a handyman and a janitor.
They entered a hall, beautifully decorated with painted cloth, and followed the doorman up two flights of stairs.
Within seconds of the attack he was attended to by a club doorman , who was trained in first aid.
Here she was safe, for the building had a doorman , and the doors had secure locks.
The building had a doorman and for a moment I worried that he and I would not be allowed into the building.
We arrived at the apartment block and we wrangled our way past the doorman on duty.
One common technique is the employment of official border guards, doormen or bouncers.
When he got to the entrance a doormen pointed him towards the Observatory where he could see a group in the distance.
The waitress was too upset to listen and called over three doormen to assess the situation.
He was on duty with three other doormen when the tragedy happened.