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doomsday / конец света, светопреставление, день страшного суда
имя существительное
конец света
doomsday, day of doom, day of judgment
doomsday, day of doom, day of judgment
день страшного суда
Day of Judgment, doomsday, Judgment Day, day of doom, Dies Irae
имя существительное
the last day of the world's existence.
But those doomsdays were the product of faith; reason always used to say the world will continue.
Congress is preparing for a doomsday scenario.
He further contended that this talk of 20,000 extra vehicles was only in the event of a doomsday scenario and was not practical.
Behind these constant rehearsals for doomsday lies a deep paranoia.
However, I must question whether the doomsday scenario painted by you and some fellow diarists is at all credible.
The third doomsday scenario is based on pollution.
We won't see big gains for years to come, but perhaps the imbalances we've discussed won't lead to an economic doomsday either.
It is happening on some celebrity talk shows and it could be doomsday for channels in the long run.
A newly discovered asteroid has zero chance of colliding with Earth in 11 years, although preliminary data had suggested such a doomsday scenario was possible, astronomers said this week.
Twain sometimes thought of himself as a modern Noah warning of a doomsday to come.
This conclusion was based on ‘information developed’ that the next doomsday would be within a week.