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doomed / обреченный, осужденный
имя прилагательное
doomed, fated, fey, fateful
convicted, condemned, convict, doomed, denounced, damned
имя прилагательное
likely to have an unfortunate and inescapable outcome; ill-fated.
the moving story of their doomed love affair
condemn to certain destruction or death.
fuel was spilling out of the damaged wing and the aircraft was doomed
The sheer irrationality of continuing to expand a policy doomed to failure begs an explanation.
Any attempt to reverse or even to stop a trend is doomed to failure.
In the fairytale, Sleeping Beauty was a stunningly majestic woman doomed to wait for someone to wake her.
Missed chances, coupled with inadequate defending, quickly doomed Dundee.
The medic paused, trying to think of something he could do for the doomed child.
Her performance is more a series of poses than a heartfelt interpretation of a potentially doomed character.
Whatever the merits of the argument, the scene was doomed .
Without any of the qualities, the relationship is doomed to failure.
An ethics without an underlying sense of the Good is fundamentally doomed .
He won praise for his handling of doomed World Trade Organization talks on agriculture in Seattle.