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doom / гибель, судьба, рок
имя существительное
death, doom, ruin, downfall, collapse, perdition
fate, destiny, fortune, lot, luck, doom
rock, fate, doom, rock and roll, fatality, star
doom, foredoom
condemn, judge, denounce, criticize, convict, doom
predetermine, ordain, foreordain, predestinate, predestine, doom
имя существительное
death, destruction, or some other terrible fate.
the aircraft was sent crashing to its doom in the water
condemn to certain destruction or death.
fuel was spilling out of the damaged wing and the aircraft was doomed
Cursed by Eve, rejected by Adam, and marked on the brow by an angel of the Lord, Cain sets forth into exile with his wife and children, knowing that they will further the doom of mankind.
So the prophets are split neatly between impending economic doom and postponed blight.
They knew only one thing: It foretold their doom .
the aircraft was sent crashing to its doom in the water
She was filled with a sickly sense of fear and the realization that she was facing her own imminent doom .
There is a longstanding feeling of doom hanging over the offense.
Unfortunately, their votes spell certain doom for other countries, other innocent people.
Transformation as currently practiced carries an appreciable risk of ultimate doom .
The film rumbles along, an ominous sense of marital doom hanging over the entire affair.
Elm tree shadows crept across the street and spelled doom for my project.