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doohickey / приспособление
имя существительное
device, adaptation, accommodation, adjustment, attachment, doohickey
имя существительное
a small object or gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall.
a garage filled with electronic parts and other valuable doohickeys
It almost felt like it had to be instinctual to make a run for the magical doohickey that would allow me to go on to the next level.
You found yourself a magical doohickey that nobody knows how to work.
And with a little adapter/switcher doohickey , it's easy to set it up as a second computer, sharing the same mouse monitor and keyboard.
But he brought aboard a doohickey that recharges your cellphone from your laptop.
You can't see me, and I won't show up on that doohickey .
I'm going to make some little doohickey out of paperclips for the next half hour and then maybe wander off and get a candy bar.
She looked around the kitchen, hoping for some kind of lever type doohickey .
Create some downloadable desktop doohickey that goes off at random and requires the viewer to do something, making the viewer part of the art.
Or it could have been the white doohickey that fell off.
The sensible thing now would be to repackage the doohickey and take it to the nearest charity shop.