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doofus / doofus
имя существительное
a stupid person.
So I'm not saying that you're wrong, exactly, that we shouldn't portray men as doofuses as often as we do; I just think that the cure is probably worse than the disease.
But you don't want to end up seeming like a pitiful doofus like him.
Didn't the doofus know that I was a double agent?
Why are millionaires choosing to go on a show where the prize is a low six-figure salary to work for a doofus like him?
If you happen to be short-waisted as well, you look like a doofus with your blouse tucked in.
The ever-expanding world of wine and spirits now demands a certain degree of consumer savvy if one is to avoid looking like a doofus at cocktail parties, in restaurants or in liquor stores.
Because even though he's a doofus , he is a gentleman.
I don't want my guy to give me puppy eyes or beg like a little doofus when he wants something.
a doofus who paid an inflated price for a tatty house
So I said hello and on the way to the car I vowed to never speak again except via my laptop, because I am obviously nothing but a bumbling doofus who should remain locked inside away from normal people.
He got to help the White House wiggle out of unpleasant moments by asking questions worthy of a doofus .