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donate / жертвовать, дарить
sacrifice, donate, give, contribute, give away, immolate
give, present, donate, gift, grant, bestow
give (money or goods) for a good cause, for example to a charity.
the proceeds will be donated to an AIDS awareness charity
There was a declining willingness of the public to donate organs for research.
All relatives were asked whether the patient carried a donor card or had expressed a wish to donate organs, including corneas.
As a further precaution, should previously transfused people not be allowed to donate blood?
We'll donate all the proceeds to a charity.
Many people donate to charity, and I see that a charities bill is in the programme this year.
So you can donate both organs for lifesaving transplants and organs or tissues for research.
The story, as it unfolded, concerned her desire to donate blood as she had done several times in the past.
All subjects agreed to anonymously donate blood and urine samples and gave written informed consent to participate in the study.
Last year's winner received his cash scholarship and was also able to donate money to a charity that helps students pay for their schooling.
On the day that you donate blood, you should drink plenty of liquid (but not alcohol) and you should eat your normal meals.