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don / дон, преподаватель, член совета колледжа
имя существительное
teacher, instructor, lecturer, professor, academic, don
член совета колледжа
don, fellow
put on, don, get into, get on, slip on, robe
имя существительное
a Spanish title prefixed to a male forename.
Carmen pleads ‘Let me go’ to a Don José.
a university teacher, especially a senior member of a college at Oxford or Cambridge.
He worked easily with the many newcomers into his department, most of them university dons .
put on (an item of clothing).
in the locker room the players donned their football jerseys
имя существительное
a river in Russia that rises near Tula, southeast of Moscow, and flows for 1,224 miles (1,958 km) to the Sea of Azov.
a river in Scotland that rises in the Grampian Mountains and flows east for 82 miles (131 km) to the North Sea at Aberdeen.
a river in northern England that rises in the Pennine Hills and flows east for 70 miles (112 km) to join the Ouse River shortly before it, in turn, joins the Humber River.
Having enjoyed Harvard so much, she has even thought of becoming a Cambridge don .
The Perdido Star eventually reaches Cuba, where young Jack's parents are murdered by the requisite villainous Spanish don .
That's the same maximum sentence a mafia don gets for threatening a witness.
She imagined a Spanish don living here in the 1800s, and building a stately hacienda in stages as his family grew.
He's a neurophysiologist and a don at Magdalen College, and I always felt I was stupid because I couldn't get anything like the same results as him.
But the don is immediately shown as a gentle person sniffing a flower, remarking about the undertaker being mistaken about them being murders.
Most interesting of all, Oxford don JRR Tolkien stayed at the college in the 1940s while his eldest son was studying for the priesthood.
The final straw was when she was sent to kill a mafia don .
It may not be the first time he will be playing an underworld don , but it will probably be a first at trying the ‘over the top’ emotions that the movie seems to carry.
Instead, like a mafia don in a witness protection program, he will have to leave his current life and construct a brand new one.