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dominion / власть, владычество, доминион
имя существительное
power, authority, rule, control, grip, dominion
dominion, rule, mastery
имя существительное
sovereignty; control.
man's attempt to establish dominion over nature
the territory of a sovereign or government.
the Angevin dominions
It identifies the restoration of dominion over the powers in the new humanity.
man's attempt to establish dominion over nature
The revisionists' dominion over the domestic side of Cold War history has been even more total.
But of course, not everything in the garden is lovely, and there are times when nature's dominion over the humble gardener can be infuriating.
man's attempt to establish dominion over nature
We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees.
In truth they are animated by nothing but their own lust for power and their desire for dominion over others.
I was filled with fantasies of my new life, a life of travel, financial laissez-faire, and total dominion over my own space.
That is when the state takes dominion over the highways, treating them as their own.
To further empower corporate dominion over nation-states, it gives private corporations and investors ‘legal standing’ to sue sovereign governments.