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domineer / господствовать, повелевать, владычествовать
dominate, rule, reign, prevail, predominate, domineer
king, domineer, lord it over, king it over
assert one's will over another in an arrogant way.
Cathy had been a martyr to her gruff, domineering husband
Hard and domineering , Henry could be ruthless and cruel.
Or is it that they are so controlling and domineering that we don't know how to talk about anything else?
The male had to be domineering , imposing, and always taking the initiative.
That's not a good base for a lasting and healthy relationship, and you're right, it's domineering .
The tiger again looked so powerful, so domineering , and so strong.
He wasn't someone she would normally be attracted to - he was a little too domineering .
He was a crablike manoeuvrer, crafty and unreliable, domineering towards followers, ruthless towards rivals.
She was domineering , cold, bitter and demanding, and was often called a ‘tyrant.’
He was commanding, domineering , sardonic and intimidating.
She let her career overtake the relationship, and she's become too controlling and domineering .