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domiciliary / по месту жительства, домашний
имя прилагательное
по месту жительства
home, domestic, household, pet, homely, domiciliary
имя прилагательное
concerned with or occurring in someone's home.
a study compared domiciliary care with hospital care
These covered domiciliary services and retirement living as well as residential aged care.
Security features include external cameras and an on-call emergency service and domiciliary nursing care.
Costs and data for medical services, drugs, inpatient admissions, metropolitan domiciliary services, and district nursing services were tracked.
He recounted a domiciliary visit when he sailed 20 miles to see a child on Arran.
‘We have to keep the minor injuries unit, we have to keep X-ray facilities and we have to keep as many beds, not just for domiciliary purposes but for general purposes,’ he added.
It's taking time to redistribute money from residential care to domiciliary care which is part of our policy of promoting independence and allowing people to live longer at home.
About 3 per million of the general population require domiciliary ventilator or oxygen therapy because of thoracic deformity.
For the past 20 years she has operated a domiciliary eye service in and around York, visiting patients at home or in care who cannot get out to visit their usual optometrist.
Shorter stays in hospital for initial stabilisation followed by domiciliary care may, however, be equally effective.
Yet she had nothing but praise for the care and attention which she received, from the maternity hospital, from the domiciliary midwife service and from her own medical general practice.