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domicile / местожительство, постоянное местожительство, жилище
имя существительное
residence, domicile, residency, location, dwelling place, habitation
постоянное местожительство
housing, home, dwelling, house, habitation, domicile
имя существительное
the country that a person treats as their permanent home, or lives in and has a substantial connection with.
his wife has a domicile of origin in Germany
treat a specified country as a permanent home.
the tenant is domiciled in the US
The domicile and residence of the settlor and the beneficiaries is also relevant.
Perhaps it's a standard for this type of domicile , a 1 1/2 story home built in 1943.
his wife has a domicile of origin in Germany
Days later, a black bear entered an Alaskan domicile and made itself, er, right at home.
Normally a defendant must be sued in the courts of his domicile but Article 16 provides for exclusive jurisdiction in some cases, thus departing from that normal rule.
Even as she gazed endlessly at her new domicile , Virginia did not feel at home, but rather as if she was being sent into a penitentiary.
If I want to stay in my domicile , I should be allowed to stay?
Wherever you're taxed, you'll need to know what your residency and your domicile are as they are not the same.
With housing loans, possessing a domicile of your dreams is no longer a mirage.
There's a certain grim irony here from comments made at the 2001 shareholders meeting to consider the domicile shift.