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domesticity / семейная жизнь, семейственность, домашняя жизнь
имя существительное
семейная жизнь
domesticity, fireside
nepotism, domesticity
домашняя жизнь
имя существительное
home or family life.
the atmosphere is one of happy domesticity
This respected firm's contribution to local architecture is surely without equal, and they have turned many a wild space into a haven of domesticity .
In contrast to the perception of fire as a threat to the city, the controlled fire has a central role in ideas of domesticity and community.
Many of her paintings represent scenes of charming bourgeois domesticity featuring members of her family, especially her daughter.
Soon, both couples have children, and settle into neighbourly domesticity .
the atmosphere is one of happy domesticity
A more sympathetic reading of the trend toward domesticity would see it as a desperate last stand in the face of powerlessness.
They convey a message about women and domesticity , and challenge the notions of craft art vs. high art.
the atmosphere is one of happy domesticity
In the interwar era masculinity was defined principally in terms of a man's ability to support a family, rather than his independence from domesticity .
But suddenly the scenes of domesticity were interrupted by sound of a war horn as the Viking warriors re-enacted a battle.