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domestic / внутренний, отечественный, домашний
имя прилагательное
interior, internal, inner, domestic, inside, inland
domestic, home, native, blighty
home, domestic, household, pet, homely, homey
имя существительное
servant, maid, domestic, help, domestic servant, maidservant
домашняя работница
domestic, housekeeper, hired girl
простые хлопчатобумажные ткани
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the running of a home or to family relations.
domestic chores
existing or occurring inside a particular country; not foreign or international.
the current state of US domestic affairs
имя существительное
a person who is paid to help with menial tasks such as cleaning.
Nor were we happy with how some of the churches educated, when they seemed to train the young primarily for menial pursuits such as domestics .
a product not made abroad.
All domestic animals depend on human beings for survival.
domestic flights
Foxes selected for tameness are friendly, like domestic dogs, while foxes selected for aggression resist human contact.
This is because the boiler must operate continuously even during warm weather in order to heat the domestic water supply.
Thanks to our support, the charity was able to lay on a Christmas party for families fleeing domestic violence.
The report also mentions the over-exploitation of water resources by domestic , agricultural and industrial users.
The scene was remarkably domestic , with so many people, and a baby.
There was no existing prospect of eliminating the greater part of the sulphur discharged from industrial and domestic chimneys, but research was being energetically pursued.
he's very domestic
Most do other work, though many specialize in domestic relations.