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domed / куполообразный, украшенный куполом
имя прилагательное
domed, domical, domic
украшенный куполом
Stone-built, they have a curiously medieval European appearance with crenellated walls, arched doorways and domed turrets, all surrounded by a massive stone wall.
Utilising sheer body strength and flexibility, we watched them perform some seemingly impossible feats as one swung the other from the roof of their domed stage and both balanced on top of two blackboards they had pushed together.
It had a domed , red-tiled roof and round arcaded windows.
By the window there was a domed shaped container on the ledge, covered in a velvet cloth.
His very appearance - he was a lanky 6ft 2in, bespectacled, with a domed head and tufts of hair sprouting above his ears - made him an easy target.
Nicholas Hawksmoor produced a number of drawings of a domed circular library that alluded in its form and decoration to the mausoleums of Classical antiquity.
Some attempt to stop the squirrels abseiling down from above by the use of domed plexiglass ‘baffles’, some stop them jumping in sideways, some are surrounded by heavy wire mesh meant to resist their teeth.
Some 3,000 people gathered at the town's famous domed leisure centre to enjoy the hot new band, which were passing through the town as part of their 11-date UK tour.
The former country residence of Franz Ferdinand, this elegant, green-onion domed building has a palpable feel of the Emperor's life about it.
Two enormous wrought-iron chandeliers hang from the stained-glass domed ceiling, while caged elevators complete the look.