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dome / купол, свод, колпак
имя существительное
dome, cupola, top, bell, pot, boss
vault, arch, vaulting, dome, corpus, arc
cap, hood, cover, bell, dome, bonnet
венчать куполом
возвышаться в виде купола
имя существительное
a rounded vault forming the roof of a building or structure, typically with a circular base.
the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral
a thing shaped like a dome, in particular.
I roared and ran full speed into the dome shaped room.
a stately building.
The difference is that millions of peons didn't have to go blind or stooped financing Caesars, or the MGM Grand, or Wynn's stately pleasure domes .
cover with or shape as a dome.
a domed stadium
Mt Fuji has been on show for a month or so now, pollution notwithstanding, and so on the windy days it is standing proud and erect in the distance, capped with the usual white dome of snow.
It's satisfying to look through this tiny window onto the chain of primal shapes: a loopy dome , an animal figure, a snake.
He ran his hands over the smooth dome of his head and checked the line and cut of his suit.
The crenulation is thought to post-date movement on the Main Central Thrust, and was probably caused by doming of the window.
The sky was a dome of darkness over their heads, the stars blotted out by a mass of thick, dark clouds.
The top of the clear block is very slightly domed , as if held by surface tension; it renders the concrete floor beneath it so vivid it seems magnified.
Dacite lava is too thick to flow very far, so it simply piled up around the vent, forming the mountain-like dome , which now plugs the volcanic orifice.
I could see we were quickly approaching a large dome of cypress trees ahead and still descending.
They adjoin the Alhambra Palace, those stately pleasure domes that the Nasrid caliphs decreed should represent paradise on earth.
To carry the weight of the world is a tiresome thing and, strong though the Titan is, he still strains as he attempts to hold up the great dome of the sky.