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dolt / болван, раздолбай, дурень
имя существительное
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, dolt
dolt, dunce
prat, dolt, bubblehead, looby, noodle, Charlie
имя существительное
a stupid person.
It's foolish to complain about uninteresting times, especially when one of your favourite curses is to condemn fools, dolts and irritating people to live in times of an interesting kind.
What makes the dunderheaded dolt think he can pull it off?
And yet this myth of the destructive editor - the dolt with the blue pencil - is pervasive, not least in academe.
Causing indiscriminate, unintentional pain is the mark of a bully or a dolt , while accepting pain as simply one's lot in life is a victim mentality.
As much as I like to rip into these dolts , I do get worried about how younger kids will defend themselves against such well-crafted messages that try to make their decisions for them.
Finally there's the problem of arrogance, of the almost doltish clumsiness with which the powerful and confident can pursue their goals.
Or I might be sitting doltishly looking out the window.
Rushworth, who marries Maria, is a dolt cut from the same cloth as Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice, but his very doltishness makes him fun to read about.
Then I realized that the the form of the final copy was sometimes dictated by unsophisticated dolts .
In short: is the world's greatest deliberative body really filled with this many dim bulbs, card sharps and overstroked dolts who confuse a leaden pause with great rhetoric?
But it's a doltishly simple plot - so daft that I'm certainly not going to detain you by describing it here - so there didn't seem to me to be too much need.