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dolomite / доломит, горький шпат
имя существительное
горький шпат
имя существительное
a translucent mineral consisting of a carbonate of calcium and magnesium.
Vein minerals are aragonite, barite, calcite, dolomite , quartz, sphalerite, and whewellite.
There are significant differences in the clay mineral compositions of the Barton Creek dolomite , spheroid and diamictite units.
The Blaine Formation is over 200 m thick, composed of interbedded mudstone, gypsum in beds up to 10 m thick, and has regionally traceable members of limestone and dolomite .
Vein minerals are barite, calcite, ferroan dolomite , and sphalerite.
Now, not in competition with dolomite , the quartz was able to form better-developed crystals.
Polyphase deformation accompanied metamorphism of the original sediments, that were probably dolomite , shales and siltstones.
Barite, dolomite , and quartz crystals were scattered on the surfaces of the calcite.
Shallow soils and rock outcrops of limestone or dolomite characterize these glades; dry conditions prevail during the growing season, although soils can be saturated or flooded in winter and spring.
Belgium is also an important producer of several industrial minerals, including limestone, dolomite , whiting, sodium sulfate, silica sand, and marble.
The mine produced excellent dolomite crystals that are arguably the best for the species from the United States.
Many choice specimens of sphalerite, calcite, galena, and dolomite could be collected from pillars and small areas not previously mined.