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dolly / тележка, куколка, операторская тележка
имя существительное
truck, cart, trolley, carriage, bogie, dolly
doll, pupa, chrysalis, dolly, nymph, popsy
операторская тележка
имя прилагательное
puppet, dolly, toy, dollish, doll-like
childish, childlike, baby, childly, children's, dolly
pretty, comely, dolly, pin-up
бить вальком
дробить пестиком
имя существительное
a child's word for a doll.
She jumped on mats that sang, put dollies to bed, chose a dolls' house to take home and finally she waited patiently next to her grandfather as two baskets of chocolate eggs were paid for; one for her and one for her baby brother.
a small platform on wheels used for holding heavy objects, typically film or television cameras.
Nearly a quarter of the film's movement - dollies , crane shots - are synthetic.
a short wooden pole for stirring clothes in a washtub.
(of a film or television camera) be moved on a mobile platform in a specified direction.
the camera dollies back to reveal hundreds of people
What I'm ultimately interested in is what this filmmaker has to say; I really couldn't care less about what he can do with a dolly and jib.
A few years ago, I found myself on a typical Minnesota night, cozy between quilt and feather bed, peaceful as a dolly in a box.
In the letter, which was sent up the chimney on November 1, 1960, she asks Santa Claus for a jar, a bottle for her dolly , a stick with a balloon on it and a Rolls Royce dinky and a game of Ludo.
IT'S going to be dolly warfare this Christmas, as dolls and character figures vie for top place in Santa's sack.
he fumbled a dolly at slip
At one point he apparently even made use of a shopping trolley he found at the side of the road - and rode in it as a makeshift dolly .
The student's march is filmed in a playful series of dolly shots which alternately follow and move ahead of the squad.
There is a dolly shot that pans out from the room where Blake is recording some music, and it gently keeps panning out.
It's a fast-paced 84 minutes, and several of the dolly shots are quite impressive.
I whine like a little baby girl who just had her favorite dolly taken away from her.