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dollop / здоровый кусок, солидная порция, небольшое количество
имя существительное
здоровый кусок
солидная порция
небольшое количество
little, bit, dollop, sprinkling, mouthful, wee
имя существительное
a shapeless mass or blob of something, especially soft food.
great dollops of cream
add (a shapeless mass or blob of something) casually and without measuring.
Chekov stopped him from dolloping sugar into his coffee
It's been a good weekend - although most of the group seem to have developed a dollop of food poisoning, which is never good.
Mix a large dollop of yogurt with a small dollop of mayo.
a dollop of romance here and there
He was offended to receive a clump of pasta with a token dollop of tomato sauce on it.
From tacos to quesadillas and beyond, a growing number of consumers have taken to plopping a dollop of the creamy white stuff on their food before digging in.
a dollop of romance here and there
Creme fraiche seems ubiquitous in restaurants these days: dolloped on berries, swirled into soups, and even whisked into salad dressings.
It is a military mystery with dollops of deception and drama.
The sauce, a purée of canned tomatoes and olive oil painted on the dough instead of dolloped , finds a demure balance between tangy and sweet.
Then, over the high, exposed moorland road, with a backdrop of hills still decorated by shrinking dollops of snow, the race began to splinter.