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dollar / доллар, крона
имя существительное
dollar, buck, smacker, coconut, cocoanut, fish
crown, krone, krona, head, dollar, crownpiece
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of the US, Canada, Australia, and certain countries in the Pacific, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America.
Does this mean oil prices haven't risen as dramatically in pounds or euros as in dollars ?
My view is that the pound moves more closely with the dollar than with the euro.
Since the peso and the dollar were worth the same, there seemed to be no risk.
Given the strength of the euro against the dollar , few had expected exports to do so well.
If it costs too much he is likely to sell it for two cents on the dollar in an effort to remedy the error.
I don't care if this investment comes by way of the dollar , the euro or the yen.
The Australian dollar is the strongest it has been in years and is likely to remain that way for some time.
Six out of every seven dollars of the tax cut will benefit big corporations and a tiny layer of the very wealthy.
Trade too between the two countries is worth many billions of dollars a year.
Go and sponsor him now, and remember to donate in pounds, and not dollars like I did.
It raised six million dollars , the manuscript today being in the Library of Congress.