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doleful / печальный, скорбный, меланхолический
имя прилагательное
sad, sorrowful, mournful, deplorable, dismal, doleful
mournful, sorrowful, doleful, woeful, lamentable, distressful
melancholic, doleful, atrabilious
имя прилагательное
expressing sorrow; mournful.
a doleful look
He said: ‘We shall all miss her but it won't be a sad, doleful funeral.’
Nicholas watched her with his doleful blue eyes as she walked away.
Along the way they find the time to take in a Blind Willie Johnson blues number, a doleful love song in French and an old-time Appalachian ditty.
Bureaucracy plays its usual doleful part in the process, of course.
There were just a few doleful looking people sitting in chairs who were outnumbered by the armed security guards protecting the X-Ray machine and metal detector while striving to provide quality service to their customers.
Fairground organ ditties blaring from food stalls soon gave way to the doleful strains of a whiny brass band playing funeral music.
In one, a lifelike depiction of a young man with doleful , melancholy eyes lies within the still, tightly bound wrappings of the mummy.
It reminded me suddenly of the reason why people say that the bell in Nanjing tends to be more doleful than those in other cities.
My parents' doleful reaction always struck me as odd.
The old dilapidated building where the two women meet each other is made even more gloomy and doleful by an unexpected downpour.