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dole / пособие по безработице, доля, подачка
имя существительное
пособие по безработице
unemployment benefit, dole, relief
share, proportion, fraction, percentage, portion, dole
pittance, dole
раздавать в скудных размерах
dole, dole out
lay out, spread, spread out, dole, help out
скупо выдавать
dole out, dole
имя существительное
benefit paid by the government to the unemployed.
she is drawing on the dole
a person's lot or destiny.
sorrow; mourning.
distribute shares of something.
the scanty portions of food doled out to them
имя существительное
the name of a family of US politicians.
The government has come under renewed attack after it said it would go ahead with cuts in dole payments to the disabled and elderly despite calls from a wide spectrum of the community to delay the reductions.
But the increasing number of low-income dole recipients shows that wages have generally stayed low and that its economy is not likely to fully recover in the short term.
how much do you get on the dole?
Despite being laid off, workers are not yet entitled to any dole payments.
All these writers emphasise the resilience and diversity of unemployed protest, from the peaceful petitioning favoured by moderates to the mass resistance of anti-eviction struggles and dole strikes.
Pocket money, dole or reduced pension does not stretch to these luxuries, since privatisation for profit precludes travel to and cost of entrance to these simple pleasures.
Unemployed and facing the dole queue, this enterprising young man decided to set up his own business.
The allowances of able-bodied dole recipients was cut by this amount last October but those for the elderly and the disabled were spread over two phases, last October and on Friday.
She left a scribbled note, saying she was going downtown to cash her dole cheque.
However, he said he had declined the invitation because he would be attending a rally on September 30 to protest against cuts in dole payments to the elderly and disabled.