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doldrums / депрессия, дурное настроение, экваториальная штилевая полоса
имя существительное
depression, melancholia, doldrums, heaviness, vapor, dejection
дурное настроение
grouch, sulk, pet, hump, sulks, doldrums
экваториальная штилевая полоса
имя существительное
a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression.
the mortgage market has been in the doldrums for three years
After a long period in the doldrums , the company's share price has begun to respond to the company's strong earnings performance over the past five years.
And whether it's the doldrums of the blues or the pits, we've all been there and allowed sorrow to swallow us up, if only temporarily.
One of the most challenging stretches will be the doldrums , the area around the equator where there may be only light winds for days on end.
Professional soccer - unless one happens to be in the top echelon - are in the doldrums at present, and it becomes increasingly difficult for clubs to balance the books.
On the equator there is little wind, mariners called this region the doldrums (after an old English word meaning dull) because they feared being stranded there.
Hurricane Verity had been born in the doldrums
And for those who want to stay afloat, or sail out of the doldrums , experienced and effective management will become even more crucial.
Wednesday had arrived as usual, a hill in the middle of the week, equidistant from the doldrums of Monday and the sweet salvation of the Friday that always seemed too far away.
And with employment down and the economy projected to remain in the doldrums for the foreseeable future, it's no good betting that rising ridership will save the system.
Shares remained in the doldrums for most of the session, although a jump on Wall Street on its opening in the afternoon saw British stocks leap 56 points into positive territory.