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doing / делание, действия, дело
имя существительное
doing, tactic
case, business, matter, point, deal, doing
имя прилагательное
doing, making
имя существительное
the activities in which a particular person engages.
the latest doings of television stars
effort; activity.
it would take some doing to calm him down
a beating or scolding.
someone had given her a doing
perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified).
something must be done about the city's traffic
achieve or complete, in particular.
act or behave in a specified way.
they are free to do as they please
be suitable or acceptable.
if he's anything like you, he'll do
beat up; kill.
he was the guy who did Maranzano
someone had given her a doing
someone had given her a doing
it would take some doing to calm him down
He has created a semi-official parallel administration within the White House and has fought like a tiger to keep his doings private.
Once my brain has absorbed the week, and can regurgitate it coherently, I'll record my doings here as usual.
And some of those threats will emerge because of our own doings .
So he walked 60 kilometres to the nearest town and reported his father's doings to the secret police.
Governments should not grant marriage licenses, or otherwise keep record of their citizens' private doings .
Another week, they watch a bird for 5 minutes or so and describe its doings .
The humorist kept the balance of satire by laughing at his own follies and doings .