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dogmatism / догматизм, догматичность, начетничество
имя существительное
dogmatism, pragmatism
имя существительное
the tendency to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true, without consideration of evidence or the opinions of others.
a culture of dogmatism and fanaticism
The philosophes criticized the ancien regime of religious superstition and dogmatism , hidebound social traditions, and repressive morality.
Our guiding principle should be to leave behind parochial nationalism and dogmatism , and to promote mutually beneficial cooperation based on equality to enjoy prosperity.
Like Galileo's trial before the Inquisition, this was not an argument about truth but a struggle for power, a sign of the religious dogmatism of the Counter-Reformation.
For others, it was the beginning of a culture of dependency which intensified over the decades, encouraged by political dogmatism .
Superstition, cruelty, religious fanaticism, prejudice and medieval dogmatism were all anathema to a wit like Voltaire.
At the same time, there were clear signs that political repression and ideological dogmatism would be hallmarks of communist power.
In this ideological age, the youth movements displayed no small measure of dogmatism and elitism.
We lack the religious dogmatism and discipline of the other religions who are posing a threat to the very fabric of our religion.
This makes it much easier to push a kind of fascist dogmatism onto people who do not make much attempt to question the status quo.
While religious dogmatism is always a danger, it is less of a problem for us today than the soft-core spirituality that is its opposite.