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dogma / догма, догмат
имя существительное
dogma, doctrine
dogma, tenet
имя существительное
a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.
the Christian dogma of the Trinity
The world view of the secular left or hard left is indeed a dogma or a religious faith.
From this was perpetuated the dogma that the private sector would always be more efficient than the public.
In a free market society, ruled not by a dogma , but by the mammon, it was unnecessary.
the rejection of political dogma
This makes it a plain fact that religion can neither be a dogma nor a doctrine.
the rejection of political dogma
the Christian dogma of the Trinity
With absolutely no support from the pulpit, old doctrines and beliefs live on not as dogmas but as customary beliefs and family traditions.
Women activists are concerned about the need to change laws and cultural dogmas , and to encourage women to be aggressive in demanding their rights.
Buddhism, by contrast, seems to have no rules, no dogmas , no guilt-inducing concepts like sin.