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dogleg / резкое искривление
имя существительное
a thing that bends sharply, in particular a sharp bend in a road or route.
имя прилагательное
bent like a dog's hind leg.
the surf splashes over the dogleg concrete jetty
follow a sharply bending route.
Highway 60 now doglegs northwest toward Frankfort
He designed a series of bunkers, a 22-foot fill, and a lake to the right of the 13th green, which prevents cutting off the dogleg .
The second hole was a long par 4, a dogleg to the right.
A ‘Cape’ hole is a dogleg left or right where you drive over a diagonal water hazard and bite off as much as you think you can carry, or chew.
The dugout doglegs radically right, then left, then right again.
Two or three blocks after you turn in, just past an absurd looking antique store at block's end, the road doglegs 90 degrees left while tracing the outskirts of town.
Leave the main road at the right-hand bend, dog-leg to the path ahead, then go left steep uphill to the top corner of the field.
Instead, Canadian policy doglegged to the left as the prime minister claimed he could only support a war that had United Nations backing.
The hole doglegs to the left, and there is an out of bounds up the right side.
The path dog-legs then swings left downhill towards wood.
Go straight on by the barn and immediately turn left, go 50 yards to the gate and dog-leg right across road.